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ECJC, the European Council of Jewish Communities is an organisation with a vast and distinct history. Established in 1968, long before the unifying period of Europe, ECJC was originally founded as an umbrella organization for Jewish communities in the fields of Education, Culture & Social Welfare but  we undertook a shift in our approach, towards a programme orientated, service-based organization.

A cross-denominational and non-political Jewish institution, ECJC has at its core both the highest ideals of the Jewish tradition and the deepest principles of democracy, transparency and solidarity.

ECJC delivers programmes which offer participants intense educational experiences that match their professional engagement and the challenges presented in their tasks or roles, which cultivate critical thinking and also the capacity to acquire knowledge from peers through exchange of best practises to apply in their own organisations , utilizing the ECJC network to advance professionally and personally.

The European Council of Jewish Communities aims not only to be a platform for delivery and execution of programmes, but also a community providing individuals and organisations with opportunities to advertise and look for internships, jobs and volunteering opportunities.

Placement in different Jewish organisations as well as volunteer projects should be easier to advertise therefore ECJC has committed itself to the creation of this portal offering openings in the different Jewish organisations and communities across Europe and for the different communities the possibility of advertising their positions into a wider market

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The mission is to build the Jewish community by connecting non for-profit Jewish organisations with the large pool of candidates with the right talent to fill their positions and openings, all kinds of jobs within all the different Jewish organizations in Europe, starting as a free service to the membership base of the organisation and extending the offer to the rest of Jewish not for profit in the Continent.

Jobs  posted on will include Executive Directors, rabbis, fundraisers, JCCs professionals,  teachers and principals for Jewish Schools, Non Formal Educators, Care professionals, Hospitality professionals with knowledge of Kashrut laws, Jewish Museum professionals, and many other types of job opportunities available in the wide range of Jewish organisations on the continent.

To better understand the kind of jobs available, we suggest you visit the Browse by sectors section of the website

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